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Blues News hits the App Store!

Blues News on iTunes

Exciting news as some new developments (eventually) make it app store. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks with issues over podcast streaming but at last v1 has hit the shelves.

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Welcome to Android Marketplace

Ok, Androiders, it’s here. Beating the iPhone version by more than a month it is mHorror!

mHorror – Horror News Reviews Podcasts

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mHorror hits Android!

iHorror to J-Horror and everything in-between! And K-Horror. And classic horror. And zombies. Don’t forget the zombies.

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“Bloody, disgusting”
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“Seems to follow you round the room, quite disconcerting”
“It’s not very nice”

AppSNow presents apps now like app snow

Keep an eye out here or on Apple’s iPhone App Store over the next few weeks…

Maserati app coming round the corner…

Maserati splash screen

Splash screen

You’ll hear it before you see it… Keep an eye out here or on iTunes for an appearence in the next few days!

It’s STILL SNOwing

Manchester United fan? Well most football fans are that’s why I thought a United app might be a good place to start.


Look out for a new look in the New Year

United Football was born out of a wish to try and give football fans such as myself a great resource from, if not the fringes, certainly away from the mainstream of corporate media. Sure it has a news feed but it also tries to bring the fan blogs and local podcasts and the like to more people. Not in Manchester? Or not by a radio on Wednesday evening? Don’t worry, flash up United Football ( a steal at 59p launch price) and listen to the latest edition of Red Wednesday.

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So we’re off and running and Alfa Romeo app is now available in the app store. Currently getting rave reviews on iTunes and in the best Alfa Romeo forums for which I’d like to thank my new customers.

Get it while it’s hot!

Love to hear what you think about it.

screen shot

Alfa Romeo news